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Leisure and activities close to gite rentals

In the country of volcanoes and natural springs you will find basaltic streams, cascades and forests. Numerous outdoor sports activities are available such as canyoning, rockclimbing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing...


In situ

  • Panoramic swimming pool with free sunbeds (01 May to 30 September),
  • Ping-pong, badminton, basketball hoop, toboggan, swivel...
  • Spring and see saw for children
  • Recreation room equipped with a Nintendo Wii Console...
  • Piscine

  • Piscine

  • Piscine

  • Piscine

  • Piscine


Not far away

  • Hiking, biking, horseback riding
    The SAFE® FLOOR method, innovations for the spine. Multi awarded in France and the United States, SAFE® FLOOR was created by former Principal dancer Alex Munz. This concept of dynamic spirals regenerates your fascias, these amazing connective tissues have a very special power: when deeply massaged, here through using circular movements, they self rehydrate, they self produce proteins that make your muscles much more spongy, flexible and toned up. The impacts of the SAFE® FLOOR movements go beyond stretching deep muscle fibers, SAFE® FLOOR strengthens your core, your back is stronger, more stable and mobile altogether. Without external manipulation, without training accessory, the results are incredibly fast and durable, on all body types.
    • Class for All taught by Corinne de Felices, Coach certified by Alex Munz, creator of the SAFE® FLOOR method ► www.maisonmunz.com

  • Outdoor sports : rock climbing, speleology, guided canyoning
  • Bathing and trout fishing in the Besorgues river 3 kms away. Within 10 kms you will discover 5 more rivers.
  • "Accrobranche", outdoor paintball, karting
  • Canoeing down the river Ardèche (25 km)
  • The Vals les bains spa (7 km) featuring a casino, a mini golf, a cinema, a tennis club (with clay courts) and ice cream parlours and all sorts of shops. In addition on the third week-end of july Festi’vals offers a whole variety of games.


What you must taste

  • Everything made with chestnuts : jam, candied chestnuts
  • The genuine and plain country cooking : cold pork meat , home-made goat cheese
  • Discover our regional products on the many stalls in the local products markets and evening markets


The advantages

  • We can go along with you on your hikes but we can also provide a professional local guide: www.ardeche-canyoning.com
  • We will elaborate, upon request, car or bike tours as well as hikes to make you discover the charm of our area.


Good idea

  • At the swimming pool, swimsuit is obligate. The boxers and Bermuda shorts will not be accepted.
  • It is a good idea to bring walking shoes with you.
  • Only gas barbecues or low power electrical ones are accepted.

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